P Series

Visually simple, yet technologically complex.


Simple Culture

The P Series by ARA is a simple yet highly advanced CO2 Incubator, with intuitive touch screen control that displays real time graphical data. As for heating, instead of using forced air circulation, we have chosen the fan-less system, and developed our own intelligent thermally active surface technology for creating passive air circulation. This eliminates the risk of contamination in the chamber, and minimizes the exposed electronic parts in the enclosed environment. It is simple, yet complex.


Left or Right

Due to the use of modular hardwares, the user can easily reverse the door opening without ordering separate parts. The long belt like strip works as a door handle in either direction, without any modification. 

Solid Block Hardware

The key hardwares that form the P Series are CNC-milled from solid aluminum blocks to ensure the highest quality and durability.


ARA P150 shown

Technical Specifications

  P150 P170
Inner Capacity 150 L 170 L
Door left/right Factory Installed On site
Fan No No
Decontamination - 120℃ Dry
Display 7" LCD touch screen 7" LCD touch screen
Date Tracking 240 hours continuous 240 hours continuous
External Dimension (mm) 657W x 741D x 877H 720W x 639D x 908H
Internal Dimension (mm) 470W x 520D x 610H 547W x 479D x 647H
Net Weigh 62 kg 91 kg
  • Temperature

    • Control system: Microprocessor PID

    • Range: Amb. +5-50°C

    • Accuracy: ±0.2°C

    • Uniformity: ±0.3°C

    • Recovery time: less than 10 minutes

  • rH system

    • Humidity method: Water pan

    • Humidity range, %RH: 92-98%

    • Water level alarm: No

  • CO2 control

    • Control system: Microprocessor PID

    • Sensor : N.D.I.R.

    • Control range: 0-20%

    • Control accuracy: ±0.1

    • Recovery rate: less than 7 minutes